Lillingston launches Living

Lillingston the well known and rather fabulous events organiser on Portobello has just launched Lillingston Living. Top drawer outdoor furniture is what it is pedalling. I am leering at the parasols made in solid wood which look like it would take a hurricane to blow them down. The parasol bit is cream on the outside – tasteful – but the lining can be any one of a range of glorious mood enhancing fabrics. A bright pink floral tissue would always lift your mood – ideal for the London garden – or cool blues and greens for the Mediterranean. They come in at around £600 and can be sent anywhere, home or abroad. Cushions, rugs and sofas are also part of the Lillingston Living collection. Cushions come in Indian, English and Eastern inspired patterns. Rugs are simple fat stripes, chevrons and diamonds. The couches and chaises are a collaboration between Lillingston and Coco Wolf and are a whole story in themselves. Suffice it to say they are comfy, bespoke, in a fabulous collection of fabrics including velvet and linen and are designed so that the water just runs off them and the fabric drys in a poof. Completely magic and they can stay outside all year round with the help of a rather natty cover. Another brilliant idea is bring them in, they are pretty indestructible so just the thing for anyone with small children in their orbit. The designer, Rebecca Lenoel hales from George Smith where she was the creative director. Seat pads on these wonder pieces can’t loose their shape as the inside is made from recycled plastic which also helps the water run through. Fabrics are colour fast so chlorine won’t fade them if they are near a  pool and if you get a horror stain you can clean it off with bleach with no colour leakage. Honestly this is almost akin to the invention of the wheel. Btw this is so hot off the press my fingers are scorched. All available on-line and from the Lillingston office on the Portobello.

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