Lidgate’s sweet venison and onion kebabs

You will need 1Kg of venison haunch (leg). Venison fillet is very tender but the meat has to be stripped of all fat and gristle. This means the cost rises substantially.

Shopping list:
– 1kg large diced venison. One and a half inches should be fine.
– 700 ml soy sauce, a standard good quality sauce will be fine.
– 60 grams of white sugar.
– 200 grams of soft dark brown sugar.
– 1 large white onion. Red onion can be really nice.

Simply mix the soy sauce and both sugars together into a large bowl. They may need whisking to mix into a marinade. Then add the venison. If you are using venison fillet  marinade for less (6-8 hours) or if you are using haunch then 24 hours in a fridge.
Dice the onions in large pieces and thread the venison and onions onto skewers.

These kebabs are lovely to cook on the BBQ or on the grill. I would recommend cooking them a little pink for the best flavour and any excess marinade can be drizzled over them during the cooking process. lidgates

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