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Like it or not, studying for exams is a necessary evil. Just like you won’t be a rock star without first putting some time in to learn the guitar, you’re unlikely to be the next big academic if you don’t set aside the hours to study. Thanks to the Internet, revising for exams doesn’t have to be quite as uninspiring as it used to be. You no longer need to lug what seems like a million and one textbooks back from the library; instead, you can access everything you need via the Internet. Here are three things you won’t get by revising with those aforementioned textbooks.

The Chance to Interact and Learn from Others

Thanks to the Internet, studying can be so much more rewarding. No longer do you need to hole yourself up in your bedroom under a mountain of textbooks. Instead, there’s a whole host of social apps which will make learning more fun – and much more stress-free.

If you’re struggling to get your head around the key themes in your English Lit books, check out forums online – or make the most of sites like Twitter and YouTube for useful course notes. In lectures, you can use note taking apps before taking a look at what you’ve managed to get down during the class later.

But there’s a whole lot more to apps than that; they can be downloaded in mere minutes and with you every second of the day, so long as you carry your phone with you. Simply install the ones you need and you can log important notes, chat to course mates and figure out tough maths equations too. There’s even an app that’ll make sure you’re up and out in the morning, thanks to an alarm clock function which asks you to solve a maths problem before you can turn off those pesky bleeps.

The Opportunity to Organise Every Subject Effortlessly

Is your study timetable brimming with subjects? If you have a physical folder in your bedroom for each and every lesson you take, you’ll definitely benefit from using online apps to organise your workload. With everything from note-taking apps to voice recording widgets (perfect for classroom-based lessons), you can store everything in one handy place – on your phone. No more paperwork where your revision is concerned. Instead, each subject and its corresponding notes can be compartmentalised to make your life easier.

The Chance to Get Answers

When was the last time you realised you needed an important textbook, just before discovering that it’s Sunday. Well, be assured that online apps will never let you down – and they’re available to download anytime and anywhere. The great thing about that is you won’t be thrown off your stride when you’re in the middle of some important revision and need an answer fast. Plus, online apps give you the confidence you’re looking for – and almost immediately, too – when a subject or concept seems a little hazy.

So, there you have it; apps will literally transform the way you study. And the best thing about them is most of them are completely free to download and use. www.mytutorweb.co.uk

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