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Ladbroke Grove’s KPH pub has been threatened with closure but happily it can stay open for a bit longer while the Court decides what happens next. So we can all still enjoy jazz and choir evenings as usual. We need every pub we can keep in the area, so many have already closed and already nine out of the 10 in Norland Ward have gone. The Prince of Wales in Princedale Road succumbed to luxury flats in the end, along with so many others, and now there is this continuing fight to keep KPH in the long term. It’s been there since 1860, Tom Jones had his first London concert there in the ’60s and it is where locals from all walks of life meet up.Since Powers took over the pub it is increasingly busy, with great live music most evenings (Pic, Afro Venezuelan jazz group Pataruco playing at KPH) and excellent pizzas. Everyone thought it would be kept open as it is a “community asset” but even that is being challenged in Court.

Power told The Guardian: “It’s a great area, still [Notting Hill]. I first came in the 60s and I’ve history here, I had a couple of clubs. I sit here at night, into early morning, watching people go to work, or home. There’s never a totally quiet moment. West Indians, Irish, Spanish, Portuguese, the new arrivals – they’re all welcome here. I don’t want to be rude to anyone else’s bar, but we’re sitting in the only place in this neighbourhood that everybody can still come to chat, relax, and no one’ll care who you are or what you’re wearing.” and here is a list of all Notting Hill’s lost pubs

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