Kids Creative Arts Club on Bassett Road

We all need to know about the Creative Arts Club on Bassett Road. They do two things, well three. First they are party organisers for children aged between 4-14. Next they organise art classes during the week after school and on Sundays in the beautiful basement in the picture above. Finally check out the holiday workshops – next up is a nature art week during February half term for 5-7 year olds. Oh and there is a bespoke service for anyone who wants to put together a class on a day when the space is free. They are Sophie, Helena and Polly and they met at school, are super energetic and very arty. Parties can be anywhere and they have a number of suggested ideas like a chocolate making party (popular with boys) or a customising and making party. They all last two hours and you can order lots of extras like cute party bags, balloons and cakes, (they have their own chef who can fashion almost anything in sponge). Enquire for prices as these do vary, depending on what you order, but I think they are very reasonable – for Notting Hill – and it all looks phenomenally tasteful which is not what you associate with children’s parties. Classes during the week are £25 a session but you have to book for a term and on Sunday there are two classes. One in the morning for ages 5-7 and one in the afternoon for the 8-12 year olds. They costs £30 per child and you need to book but you pay by the week. thecreativeartsclub

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