It’s only natural

Great place for assorted excitements this week is the Natural History Museum. There are three main things to do this time of year, hoping you have become a member, which is cost effective, you’ll get hooked and go to the photography exhibition many, many times, plus you have the joy, or embarrassement, of walking confidently to the front of the always-very-long queue. First, you could have a little skate. It’s quite small and best to go off peak or you will end up hugging a stranger. Because it’s small, there is always a nearby rail to hold on to. Once you have done that, had hot chocolate and so on you could head for the queue, overtake everyone and head straight for the photography exhibition (open until April if you haven’t time now) which is, as always, brilliant, incredible and awe inspiring. After all that you can buy Christmas presents. Just around the corner from the photographs, just past the fossils on the right, is an amazing designer-y type shop. Fantastic notebooks, really lovely. And loads of other things you may not have seen before. Think Darwin bust. nhm

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