It is free to Freecycle – weeee

Freecycle was set up on 1st May 2003 in Arizona and since then it has taken the world by storm and spread to over 85 countries and yes, it is here in Kensington and Chelsea. It works like this, you post something you don’t want for free and someone else sees it and takes it off your hands. Anything goes – almost. One Pavlova Reader posted some tins of paint on it the other day and within hours they were snaffled. No one makes any money, so it engenders a great community spirit. Freecycle estimates that they are currently keeping 500 tons a day out of landfills. A standing ovation please. There are a few rules which you will be sent when you join your local Freecycle group like, no alcohol, porn, drugs, tobacco or guns. Oh and you can post a request if you are looking for something, other than the list above. Part of the Freecycle etiquette is ‘be nice’ and everything is run by lovely volunteers so ‘respect’…

For a double hit you can also post your unwanted stuff in Pavlova’s ads page – Honest John’s Ads. We have now set it up so you can do it yourself – DIY – without contacting us. Obvs’ similar rules apply but please, please post away.


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