Get your kicks at Bay Sixty6

Unknown-19In case you had forgotten or didn’t know about the skate park under the Westway, Bay Sixty6, this is a must visit destination for all boys and most girls over ten. Once known as the Playstation Park it was re-vamped by Nike in 2011 to a very high standard with ramps, bridges, big hubbas (don’t ask) and all manner of things you can jump, slide and ride. Walk up the Portobello Road going north, hang a right at Acklam Road and keep walking until you see skaters flipping their boards. Lessons cost £45 for a private session for two, the instructor gets 50% and Nike takes the other half (bit stiff). Alternatively you can pay an entrance fee from £4 (seems to be a flexible amount) for session but you need to be reasonably competent and then there are group lessons. You will find vending machines, lockers and a shop. You will need a skateboard, bike, penny board, scooter, wheels of some sort, a helmut, pads and gloves come in useful. It is undercover which is one of its best features and it is apparently huge by skate park standards. Opening times and prices vary, best to turn up and ask or check out the Facebook page.

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