Shopping night on All Saints

Unknown-2Diaries out, the shopping nights are coming. First up is the All Saint’s Road extravaganza on the 7th November. All Saint’s Road now boasts the most indpeendent shops in the area, all on one strip. Book & Kitchen will play host to Keiko Uchida and Maud Interiors for this Christmas shopping soiree. A one stop shop with something for everyone – from the variety of literature that Book & Kitchen offer, to the Japanese inspired fashion accessories of Keiko Uchida and finally the travel-inspired interiors from Maud Interiors. On the night both Maud Interiors and Keiko Uchida will give a 10% discount to anyone who can say they read Pavlova Diaries (someone must?). We all adore shopping evenings, they add a bit of zest to the darkening nights of November, with a little bit of fizz and a little bit of music and lots of local bon homie. Cash, cards and cheque books ready. AMANDA


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