Electric course and Hyde Park holidays

GetSmart_web_logo.1Get Smart Filmmaking Workshops at The Electric Cinema sound fantastic. On from April 14th for two days for 7-8year olds and 16th April for two days for 9-10years olds. This Easter they will look at movies from the silent era and the workshops will include drama, filmmaking techniques and editing skills. Both courses end with a screening of the children’s work in the Electric (comfy). La prix is £125 or £95 for club members. Email [email protected] with the name and age of  budding filmmaking child.

In Hyde Park there is a clutch of classes, events and courses over the hols. Here’s the general idea: Drop your 8-12 year olds off in the park for a treasure hunt in the meadows on the 8th April or on the 9th you can make a pot and plant a seed while discovering spring flowers and on the 10th April there is an discovery day in the heart of the park. Get the idea? Tons to do in the park over Easter if you are not in the alps of course. www.royalparks.org.uk

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