Make a chocolate lollipop at Melt

UnknownJoin a Lollipop making course at Melt on Ledbury Road held every weekend. It takes  a mere 20 minutes to fashion your own chocky pop and costs £15. Chocolate lollipop making commences at 12pm to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday and is very popular. You don’t have to book but you may have to queue. I can’t think of a finer way to spend 20 minutes (with a child of course). Talking about Melt, did you know that there is a Melt Club. As a chocoholic I think this is a totally top present. You pay £20 a month to join and get ten truly magnificent chocs and a Melt bar delivered to your stable par mois. You can join for a year or six months and there are lots of fair-trade reasons why this will help cocoa producers, check the website – bit tired.

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