Icing lates at the Biscuiteers

photoBook yourself and friend into an Icing Late at the Biscuiteers on Kensington Park Road. You arrive at 6.30pm and laid out waiting for you are a selection of seasonal biscuit shapes. So we had a dress, a tea pot, flowers and butterflies alongside summery icing colours waiting for our dextrous aim. Two types of icing are on hand; the flood and the line icing. Flood icing is very satisfying and you can colour your whole bicky in one colour or do half and half and create a clever effect. This needs to be done early in the Late session as the biscuit has to pop in the oven for a bit and reappear hard with a satisfying sheen. The smell alone is heaven and how the staff at the biscuiteers don’t all end up with massive waistlines is a wonder. Ok back to line icing. This requires a steady hand and nerves of steel and few tips from the icing pros. Then you can outline, loop the loop, render flowers, names, birds and more. A glass of Prosecco or two comes as part of the package and we went home with our biscuits (see pic) in a natty box, an icing book and a Prosecco glow. All over by 8pm. What more? For the class on 1st July there is a two for one offer i.e. you pay and your friend goes free or vice verse just quote LATEMATE when you book. Also you can drop into an icing cafe session on the 14th or 15th June to make a jolly ginger for your dad for father’s day. There is a discount of 15% off for Post readers if you book online here www.kweekweek and add the code NHP15. Oh Biscuiteers what did we do before you came along? biscuiteers

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