How to tie different knots

The Pedlars’ Guide To The Great Outdoors, is a new bible of information on how to taste an earthy slice of the good life, by Pedlars founders and outdoor experts Charlie and Caroline Gladstone. Pedlars, just in case you are scratching your bonce is a shop on Talbot Road, near the loos, that sells everything you didn’t realise you needed, including plenty of outdoor equipment. You’ll find the best pencils in the world, retro games, bags that promise to dry out wet mobile phones and you may even be treated to a little espresso while you browse. Back to the book. It is filled with fantastic tips on outdoor living from campers extraordinaire, the Gladstones. Boys will love the making and using weapons chapter or plucking and gutting a bird. Mums and Dads will drool over the delicious recipes at the back, including a few from local chef Bill Granger. Check out the section on how to make a fire pit – definitely doing that. Girls will adore the treehouse section. This chatty book makes you want to head for the hills and get back to nature pronto. Wellies and woollies on, toasting fork ready and a sturdy tent (local B&B for me) at the ready. Pop it in a Christmas stocking or two, as now is the time to start stockpiling presents for the festive season. . Amanda

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