Help save the KPH

Time is running out so please sign the petition to save the KPH, the wonderful music venue, pub and last thread of old Notting Hill.

KPH has won some battles, namely successfully defending its ACV listing twice and regaining its licence to sell alcohol. However, the big fight is the ongoing court case which goes into its next (and possibly final) round on 17th March 2016. Keep your fingers crossed for the judge to decide in The KPH’s favour, or this St Patrick’s Day will see the end of The KPH as we know it.

So, what can you do to help? It is never too late to write to your local MP – enter your postcode here, and the website takes you straight to an overview of relevant local representatives and emails links. It is recommended you use your own words for maximum impact.

KPH has also set up a petition with the aim to support an application to Historic England to have The KPH listed as a building of historic interest. Currently its only hope, should the Court of Appeal rule against The KPH on 17th March.

Please sign the petition as soon as possible – Save The KPH