Help keep our neighbours warm this winter

Here’s a great campaign that will make everyone feel warm inside. The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation has launched it’s fifth annual Winter Warmth campaign, where it asks local people who receive the Government’s Winter Fuel Payment to donate some or part of it to a neighbour in need, if you are able to.

Shockingly, 50 elderly RBKC residents died of cold related illnesses in 2012/13, 26% of those aged 75 or over turn off their heating and 20% of local older people live without central heating. Many local older RBKC residents have to choose between heating and eating, as rising costs and low pensions squeeze their ability to do both.

Last year, nearly £40,000 was donated by local people to the Winter Warmth campaign which was passed on to help more than 140 local older residents. The Foundation works alongside RBKC’s Healthier Homes initiative and partners with local charities and community groups to identify the most vulnerable, isolated older people who are in need and it redistributes 100% of all donations received. Brilliant.

If you want to help with this campaign call 020 7229 5499, or email [email protected]


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