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Jazzy Nicki Leighton-Thomas is asking us to support her bid to record her songs and also have a concert. She would like to produce a record of Dori Previn songs called The New Enzyme Detergent Demise. In her 20s Leighton-Thomas was a successful jazz singer, she went on tour had a three record deal with a record label. Then she married and had a baby. Soon afterwards she was in Wales doing a live show for the BBC and left the baby in the dressing room with the makeup ladies. She came out on a stage with a full orchestra and she says: “For the first time I forgot my words. I thought ‘I can’t do this.’ The baby and singing career didn’t mix, so I gave up the singing. It was one of the best decisions I ever made, but coming back to it now as an older woman, to drop it and come back into it at this stage, is tough.”

Last year, Leighton-Thomas was walking her dog in the park with John Reynolds, a producer she used to work with, and it ocurred to her that if she ever did another project she would want to do it with him. “He really understands the stories in my songs,” she says. Producer and drummer Reynolds has worked with Sinead O’Connor, Passenger, Damien Rice, Brian Eno, Robert Plant, Lumiere, Morrissey and Marshall, Herbie Hancock, Dido, Bjork, Natacha Atlas and U2. “I always do songs with stories in them and I love Dory Previn,” says Leighton-Thomas. “She is someone who was in many music collections in the 70s so the audience for this album is around 40 – 65. I sent the songs to John and he said he would like to produce them.”

In the park again,  she was walking with her neighbour Mike Radcliff who told her about crowdfunding. After two days she already has 38% of the funds she needs, but the last bit is the most difficult. To lure people to pay towards the Kickstarter Leighton-Thomas is offering rewards. “The best thing on there, and there are only four left, are the limited edition copies of the vinyl album designed and signed by artists Nick and Rob Carter who have permanent pieces in the V&A and the only living artists to have exhibited in the Frick. We have 10 of the vinyls covers and they are going to sign them for £250 each. They would be great in frames. There are also t shirts with the Nick and Rob Carter image and the lowest pledge is £10 for the album download.”

The money will be used to make an album, to pay the musicians, engineering, mixing and pressing of the vinyl and paying for the rewards. The stretch goal will pay for a gig, for the musicians, the venue and all the rehearsals. If you would like to get involved, click here … kickstarter


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