Healthy Juice cleanse delivered to your door

Five cold pressed juices and a turmeric paste elixir is left outside your door in a smart box by 6am every morning for one, three or five days by the Healthy Juice Company as a juice cleanse. Each bottle is numbered so you know which order to drink them in. I tried this for three days. They are delicious and number four is always a milky one made with almond milk or something similar. You are told when to drink them and you are never hungry. Of course by day three you would actually like to chew something and the concentrated fruit and vegetable juices begin to pall but by the end you feel fantatstic. It is not cheap but the juices are made by chef Rosie Dickinson in Oxfordshire from the best and freshest ingredients and couldn’t be better presented, this is top quality stuff. There is also a choice of strength; the stronger the more cleansing. I had the intermediate pack which wasn’t too sour. Highly recommended if you need a reboot. Of course you can also just order the juices you don’t need to be on a mission. thehealthyjuicecompany

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