Healing hands in Powis Square

Entering the light and flowery world of Emma Ball immediately makes you feel you have entered a special calm and thoughtful space. This is her healing zone off the Portobello Road and where you can go for a session to recharge and get the spring back into your step. Emma’s journey to becoming a healer started in her early 20s when she was at art college and, like many young people, was searching for something. She tried various types of therapies but says: “I felt I was going over and over the same problems and feeling worse and worse.” Someone told her about a centre in Somerset, so she went off and had a healing and that was it. “It gave me a rest from myself,” she explains. “It really touched my heart and that was what I was looking for. Sometimes one experience can be like the changing arrow of a compass.”  After that she started having regular healing in London. “I left the old story behind me and stepped into a new once upon a time.”

Then, so that she could help others, she decided to train in natural spiritual healing which took two years . “It’s a bit like if your car battery got low you use a jump lead from another car to recharge it and bring back balance. Often our energy is the last thing we take care of. The vibrational frequency of energy is very important as it directly effects our experiences. It’s wonderful that more and more people are opening to the real benefits of healing and meditation.

If you decide this is for you – and who wouldn’t want their batteries charged a bit? – first you go for a chat, a consultation. Emma understands : “It can take courage to walk through the door, but once here it can be life enhancing.” Each session lasts an hour, reclining on a couch with shoes off. Lovely. Emma works by placing her hands on or over the body. Some people giggle, some cry, others go to sleep. “I use energy and work around the body,” says Emma, “They [you, or even me] experience a deeper insight of themselves so they feel empowered and that I think is really, really important. I’m here to empower someone to empower themselves.” The healing can have a lasting effect, it depends how deep people want to go.

Sometimes people are negative and it’s how we choose to respond that is the key. “Stress effects us all, It can have a knock on effect on our lives, effecting our health, our sleep, our effectiveness etc,” says the tranquil Emma. “More and more people just want to stop and be a little bit more at peace. It feels good to be centred and positive so why not try to achieve that?”

This would be an amazing present to yourself or someone you know who could do with a bit of TLC. Healing costs £85/hour, or you could start off with meditation in a group for £15.  I’m already feeling more relaxed just thinking about it. evolvehealingandmeditation



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