Grave question from Infinism

Ask yourself what would you want your gravestone to say? We don’t generally consider death. However I would like to explain why knowing what you would want to have written on your gravestone is not only important but it can make a significant impact on your every day life and health. What do you stand for in your life? Answering this will help you identify what gives your life meaning and what your values are. So much of our time, energy and health is wasted on actions and things that do not give serve us and are no closer to making us the person we would like to be remembered for. Of course, sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to but you always have a choice about how to do it. If you remember your values, then you can ask yourself every day whether your actions and behavior are in-line with them. You could save yourself lots of stress  and save your energy if you zoom out of your life and re-evaluate what you want to be remembered for. It is an healthy exercise, for your mind and body, recommended by the acceptance and commitment therapy field of psychology. infinism.

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