Olive oil and good luck meal at the Dock

Drop by the Dock Kitchen to try its new crop of olive oil which has just arrived, lip smacking. On Friday and Saturday this week the kitchen will be cooking Bollito Misto, a wonderful mixture of slow cooked meats, and fresh sausage, each with a different sauce and accompanied by lentils, which are said to bring you money for the year ahead. This is an annual Piedmontese tradition for the new year which the Dock has adopted and the Bollito Misto menu costs £40 see below to whet your appetite. dockkitchen

3 Toast – Winter Tomatoes, Fagioli Toscani & Cime di Rapa

Cozze fritte

Carciofi alla Romana


Bollito Misto – Cotechino, Chicken & Brisket

Lentils, Dragoncello & Horseradish



Pannacotta, Candied Oranges


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