From station to station

Many Notting Hill billies will remember when there was a plethora of petrol stations to fill your gas guzzler. One on Pembridge Villas which was quite a tight sqeeze and is now flats. Then where Joseph now pimps high end fashion there was a great garage where you could pick up your newspaper, fags and it had a car wash. Off High Street Kensington at the top of Earl’s Court Road there was a useful refueling spot which is now gone. So if Like Pavlova you like to run on almost empty you are in danger, as soon, you will have to drive to Oxford to fill up. So thanks, we say, to the petrol stalwarts on St Mark’s Road. Total Garage is still there with a car wash and a mini market, selling papers and the rest. Best of all if you have a real fire they sell everything to get it burning; smokeless fuel, fire lighters, logs and kindling. Another Pavlova gold star. 

Total Service Station, 22 St. Marks Road, London W11 1RB 020 7229 6415

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