Misty Landscapes at Hutch

BelindaCroziergrowingup-300x254Hutch, purveyor of eclectic furniture, lovely cushions and bits and bobs on Golborne Road, has an exhibition of captivating paintings by a wonderful landscape artist called Belinda Crozier, who has painted a series of pictures especially for the shop. Wonderful misty landscapes from Somerset inspire you to don your hiking boots, head for the hills and take a long lungful of unpolluted fresh air. Prices are around £800 to £1800 and they would make a lovely Christmas present. Crozier’s landscapes are also on the wall of the smart Kensington restaurant, Launceston Place and it is worth popping into Hutch for a view, as they are truly lovely, hopeful and very calming. Crozier explains that the paintings are a response to familiar landscapes she has known all her life. “I wondered why, when I go on one of my many fishing trips, I feel a sense of comfort standing in the same spot on the river that I have stood in so many times before, looking at the same banks, with the same trees behind. I realise that, over the years, I have developed an intimate relationship with these very familiar landscapes.” hutchinteriors.com AMANDA


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