Five star Barker play at The Print Room

In the Depths of Love by Howard Barker (genius) at the Print Room is ***** excellent. Barker at its best and directed brilliantly by Gerrard McArthur. Ninety minutes of faultless performances by a cast of Jane Berthish, William Chubb, James Clyde and Stella Gonet. A compelling tale of an exiled poet earning a crust by presiding over a bottomless well which potential suicides pay to visit and pay to leave if they have failed to jump, is told in mellifluous prose. All performances are stellar but note James Clyde (pic) playing the banished bard as he twists and turns his way through the character’s dilemma; sometimes witty, then tortured, then Iago-like. Clyde is mesmeric and it is award winning stuff. I would go again and see it twice and that’s rare. Bravo, I hope it sells out. Oh and in true Print Room style the set is stupendous. Btw there is a bit of a misunderstanding over the casting but it is exactly that. Those who know Barker and theatre will immediately realise that there is nothing racist happening here. The Print Room is a hardworking theatre endeavouring to give the public something extraordinary. the-print-room

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