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imagesIf you love the idea of popping down to George’s on Ladbroke Grove but work full time and are exhausted, how about this new business by Tiffany Heskia who is running for Colville Ward councillor. Spending a lot of her life in France, she always knew it was easy to cook simple and delicious meals with the perfect ingredients, but she failed to find them at a reasonable price in London. So she decided to set up her own delivery service with only her favourite fresh food. The fish comes off the boat the night before it is delivered. “There are lots of good independents but I wanted to bring them together and keep the price low,” says Heskia, “Good quality food is really about health. You either have high food bills or you have high medical bills. We took a scientific approach and focussed on food we know best.  For beef, for example, we chose wild grassfed animals from Scotland.” Plus, says Heskia, the best chicken comes from France where: “They have extremely high welfare standards and the chickens we select are fed a maize diet giving them a slightly yellow colour  and are lean and tasty.” Heskia says she decided to start a home delivery service instead of opening a shop because in central London the business rates are so high and she wanted to keep prices low. bourgoyne

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