Face of an angel

With minimalist walls a last decade sort of thing we all need wonderful art to fill the spaces and there’s nothing better than keeping it personal, writes Jane Procter. I never quite got the point of having someone else’s daughter or son on your wall, even if it was painted by Gerhard Richter. Lorna May Wadsworth appears to be the portrait artist of choice around these squares.  Not only did Lorna capture the beauty in Richard Curtis’ hands, a sketch for a larger work, but she also painted Tony Benn (right) in his Holland Park house before he moved. The former Socialist MP sat in his mother’s armchair while Lorna was allocated Keir Hardie’s perch; rumour has it that they got on famously.   Nick Ross and Sarah Caplin’s son Sam sat for another painting, a commission the parents had bid for at an auction in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Ross, an avid collector of contemporary art, kindly looked after Lorna’s six foot portrait of Margaret Thatcher for a few years too. Anyway personal is good, but not too exorbitant is better and a special offer is the burrata on the focaccia.  Lorna has agreed to offer Pavlova Diaries readers a special discount for the month of March which gives us all 40% off the brochure price making a portrait that would have cost £2000 a mere bagatelle or much less than a decent Birkin at £1200. Young men  tend to be a bit of a speciality with her, but her children’s portraits are pretty gorgeous too.  Even the most boisterous children seem to be enchanted by her wackiness and anyway Lorna takes lots of photographs as well as sketches so if they or you don’t want lengthy sittings, she can capture you with a few carefully crafted lines, a dollop of digital and a mass of talent. www.lornamaywadsworth.com        

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