Exams, exams, exams

Here’s a solution to confusion over those nasty maths problems and how to parlez vous. Online tutoring at the touch of a button. This is how it works … you and your child go onto the website, look at a variety of university boffins who are studying whatever your child needs a spot of help with, say physics, your child has a live one-to-one hour long session, learns all about static electricity and Bob’s your uncle. The tutor appears in a window on the screen so you can chat face-to-face and there is a shared white board area in front, where both tutor and student can upload past papers and work on problems together. Bertie Hubbard, MyTutorWeb director and co-founder says the increased choice of tutor is also a plus: “You’re no longer limited to tutors near you, so you can choose the best tutor for the job – no matter where you live.” Maybe dear Grizelda or Grayson doesn’t like the student’s teaching style, never mind, they can try someone else next time until they find a good fit. Let’s say you have a 15 year old child, GCSEs coming up, maybe they would connect well with someone nearer their own age than most teachers and studying the subject at university. Hubbard, a mathematician who used to work for Goldman Sachs, says the tutoring is really popular: “We have 1,200 student tutors at the moment, next year we hope to have 3,000.” Because it’s online it costs less than most tutoring –  £18/hour for GCSE tutoring and between £18 and £22 for A level standard, while the average agency tutors cost £37 minimum. In terms of safety, the lessons are recorded on the system, and it is all taught by students at Russell Group universities (mostly Durham, Bristol and Oxford at the moment) who have been interviewed. The student tutors like it because if they did a bar job they would earn £6-£7 an hour and teaching they get £10 – £18 depending on how good their reviews are.

Here’s a brilliant offer for you dear reader. If you email [email protected] and tell them “Nottinghillpost” sent you before 25th of November you will receive your first tutorial FREE. mytutorweb


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