Eddie Redmayne in war art film

Award-winning local film and television director Margy Kinmonth’s new film is ‘War Art with Eddie Redmayne’. It shows the work of artists from the First World War, along with contemporary war artists.  Kinmonth contacted Academy Award, Golden Globe and generally stellar prize-winning Redmayne two years ago about the film because not only is he a brilliant actor, but he has a degree in History of Art from Cambridge University. Redmayne is especially interested in the turn of the 20th century, when Modernism led to the Fauvists and Vorticists (sort of abstract Cubists). Kinmonth says: “Eddie is an extraordinary actor, as well as being interested in art. He loves Paul Nash, John Singer Sargent, Stanley Spencer and David Bomberg, who painted the tunnel warfare in Belgium, so we filmed underground near Ypres.”

Paul-NashDuring the film Redmayne walks in and out of paintings like ‘We Are Making A New World’ by Paul Nash (pic, left). The painting depicts the aftermath of the Battle of Ypres in which 250,000 soldiers died. “We filmed there at night and it looked just like the Paul Nash painting,” says Kinmonth. “Eddie walked through the wood full of bomb craters and it was snowing. It looks amazing.”

Kinmonth also filmed at the Imperial War Museum and found paintings in the archive there which had been censored. She was surprised the artists painted such amazingly different things: “there were more serving artists in the the First World War than any other war. They were gassed and shot – but were magnetically attracted to the war, as it was such compelling subject matter” says Kinmonth. The film is going to be great, but take a hanky because Kinmonth admits: “It is one of the saddest films I have ever made. People cry when they see it.”

Kinmonth’s previous art films include ‘Royal Paintbox’, about art and the Royal family and ‘Looking for Lowry’ starring Ian McKellen and Noel Gallagher. ‘Hermitage Revealed’ is in cinemas now. ‘War Art with Eddie Redmayne’ a Margy Kinmonth film, is transmitted on the ITV Network on Sunday 24th May at 10.35pm. foxtrotfilms



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