Duke’s Lodge development rejected

Planning applications for Holland Park’s Duke’s Lodge has also been rejected this week with a lively meeting at the Town Hall on Tuesday. The reasons for the Candy brothers Duke’s Lodge development rejection are:

* Excessive excavation is contrary to the council’s emerging policy (due to be ratified next week) on basements.
* The development would lead to the loss of a historic garden and many trees harming the local environment.
* The building design was not of good length, mass and height and would detract from the local conservation area. (Although it was not given as a reason to reject the proposal, the architectural design of the building was condemned as being unattractive, not in keeping with the area and overglazed.)
* The design resulted in a loss of housing units.
* The development would harm the living conditions of nearby residents with a loss of privacy owing to balconies across the rear of the building, with overlooking, and with an unacceptable level of enclosure.
The Councillors rejected the application by a clear majority of eight to four. A resident at the meeting says: “The result also indicated that the Councillors are serious about restrictions on basement excavations.”