Dog sitters while you are away

DogBuddy connects dog owners to local dog sitters throughout Europe, with 78 dog sitters in Notting Hill. DogBuddy was founded by Enrico Sargiacomo and UK-based Richard Setterwall, both passionate dog lovers faced with the problem of not knowing where to leave their dogs when travelling or dealing with unexpected situations. They help dog owners find vetted and experienced dog sitters in their local community, not having to rely on friends or caged Kennels to look after their dogs. What you do is to browse through vetted sitter profiles, look at pictures, read customer reviews and then book and pay online. All services are covered by insurance and emergency support so you don’t have to worry. Dog sitters applying to DogBuddy go through an application process to ensure that only true dog lovers and experienced sitters are approved, with background checks, an application process is designed to assess the applicant’s dog experience and knowledge, as well as establish that the environment is suitable for the hosting of dogs.  It costs on average £22 per day for dog boarding and £19 per day for doggy day care and also Our sitters do offer a dog nannying service – looking after the dog at the owner’s house. uk.dogbuddy

Another idea is to contact Olivia Reed (pic) who will walk your dog. She walks for miles and miles in the parks for £20 or will look after your dog for 24 whole hours for just £35. You know she is great because all Notting Hill’s finest canines go crazy with love when they spot her.  [email protected]

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 15.37.57Happy Dogs run by animal behaviourist Lucy Kennedy has a team to walk dogs when you are away from Notting Hill’s green parks. They also have an Oxfordshire-based centre for dogs to stay at and do grooming and training sessions. Kennedy says: “We charge £17.50 + vat for a 1.5 hour walk with three other well suited dogs. That includes pick-up and drop-off and a good time in-between.  They get to meet all sorts of other dogs, different breeds and sizes and so get good socialisation.  They all have a great time and look out every day for the Happy Dogs van to pick them up,  some howl with excitement –  really. The staying is charged according to size, so £35 for small, £40 for medium, £45 for large. Some even stay for the summer for £15 or £20 depending on size.  We have had a big Great Dane staying with us for 6 months so far. They live in the house in Thame and can also go in and out as they please.  We have 16 acres, stables, paddocks, a lake,  and mainly mature pastureland.”

At the moment Kennedy has a pair of chocolate labradors (pic) 6 and 8 years old she is trying to find a home for as the owner can no longer look after them. For more details and too meet them contact her at happy-dogs or call her on 020 8743 6424.

Finally, Borrow my Doggy puts dog lovers in touch with dog owners. The idea is that if you but need a bit of help dog walking you join for £44.99 a year  and meet a number of dog lovers in your area, who pay a tenner to join and who would love an hour or two or a day with your pooch pacing the park. Everyone is happy including the dog, who has a lovely time. No money changes hands other than the subs fees. borrowmydoggy

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