DIY massage for Christmas

At some point we all get aches and pains great news you can help yourself quickly and easily with a tennis ball. If you have a sedentary job then you are more likely to get creaky but let’s face it, we all sit quite a lot and we know that healthy muscles and bodies need to be relaxed and flexible. This tennis ball manage could prove invaluable over the festive season when faced with mountains of dishes, relatives and tiredness.

The best and easiest body parts to release with pressure over a tennis ball are: pecs (chest muscles), whole back, hamstrings, calves and feet. The rules are simple: place the tennis ball over/under the desired body part and use your body weight to push into it, while trying to consciously relax the muscles and breathing deeply.

  1. Pecs: You can do this standing up against a wall or lying on your front. Just lean into the tennis ball and roll your body over it.
  2. Back: Against a wall or lying on your back on the floor (for more pressure). Rolling the tennis ball between your shoulder blades pushing your body against the wall is the best!
  3. Hamstrings: Sitting in a chair, place the ball under your thigh, you can wiggle your leg left and right. Then find a tender spot, breathe and slowly straighten your leg which gives the hamstring and additional stretch at that specific spot (keep the pressure on)
  4. Calves: Sitting on the floor with legs straight. Place the tennis ball under your calf and find some tender spots, you can also cross the leg over for some extra pressure. Then breathe deeply while your rotate your ankle in different directions.
  5. Feet: Standing and stepping onto the ball and pressing into it while rolling your foot back and forth.

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