Emma Freud’s Sport Relief, bake off winning bourbon, bacon and black cherry brownies

Mary B with Emma’s bacon brownies
The washing up
The washing up

FIRST… Candy Your Bacon. Take eight rashers of very thin streaky bacon and bathe them in a mixture of one cup maple syrup and one cup Jack Daniels for about 10 minutes (or longer). Then roll in a mixture of half a cup of soft brown sugar with two teaspoons of cinnamon. Place on a wire rack above a baking tray and roast for 15 minutes (not, as I did on bake off, 30 minutes so they burned). Let them cool and then chop finely or blitz quickly so the bacon is in crumbs.

THEN… Put a cup of dried cherries in a small pan with a cup of Jack Daniels or any bourbon. bring to the boil then switch off and let the cherries cool in the bourbon.

NOW… Make a batch of brownie mixture – either from a packet, or from your favourite recipe. Add the bacon crumbs, add the strained cherries (keep the bourbon when you strain the cherries), and cook the brownie mix as per normal.

FINALLY… Let the brownies cool in the tin. Once cool spread with a ganache made like this… bring a cup of double cream almost to the boil and then whisk in a packet of dark chocolate and a few spoonfuls of the bourbon which the cherries were soaked in. Let it cool and then spread thinly onto the brownies. Cut into bacon-sized rectangles.

EVENTUALLY… If you can be arsed, make a white chocolate ganache… bring half a cup of double cream almost to the boil and then whisk in half a packet of white chocolate plus a bit more bourbon. Using a spoon, dribble this on top of the dark chocolate ganache so it looks like very unconvincing bacon.

EAT. Don’t blame me. 


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