Delicious bread from Fabrique

Portobello Road has a new Swedish bakery that everyone is loving. Called Fabrique, the bread is baked in Hoxton every night of the week by Swedish bakers using traditional methods to make sourdough bread.

Fabrique was founded by David and Charlotta Zetterstrom in Stockholm in 2007 and numbers of bakeries have been rising as fast as the dough. There are now 13 Fabrique’s in Stockholm and already three in London. The aim is that you can go into any Fabrique bakery and the cinnamon buns will taste just the same. “Swedish come in and say wow, it tastes just like home,” says London CEO Mikaela Wetterling (pic). Swedes enjoy stopping at 11am or 4pm for what they call fika, a coffee break with a little snack, like a biscuit or a cinnamon bun.

All the bread is sourdough. “Our Sourdough is made by the fermentation of flour and water. It ferments slowly producing it’s exquisite taste that’s significant for sourdough, it’s  a mildly sour taste,” explains Wetterling. “Our bread is not factory made, instead we want to take our time to produce bread with as natural ingredients as possible, without additives and sugar. There’s a lot of positive health effects with sourdough, for example sourdough has slow carbs, keeps you saturated longer and has a low GI.” There you go. We can now happily chomp on cinnamon buns which are the most popular buy followed by levain bread. Wetterling’s favourite is the rye.

Swedish bakeries were started in London because the Zetterstroms had a good feeling for London. Apparently London is called Sweden’s second city. Happily Wetterling was living in Powis Square when she first arrived in London. “I really like Notting Hill so when I found this venue we decided to go for it. Portobello Road is friendly and really busy.” The Portobello Fabrique opened just five weeks ago. fabrique

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