Damien Hirst art stolen from Blenheim gallery

_71667933_b113-13oleoylsarcosineTwo dot paintings by Damien Hirst were stolen at around 3am on Monday from the Exhibitionist Gallery on Blenheim Crescent. The robber kicked down the door, popped in and took the two paintings worth £33,000. He drove off with them in the back of a dark coloured hatchback towards Ladbroke Grove. One of the paintings is Oleoylsarcosine which Hirst created in 2008 and is worth £18,000. If you spot it (sorry about that … ) it is 26in x 35in and it is the one in the pic.  exhibitionist-art.com  For a bit of voyeurism click here to watch the thief trying to get the big canvases into his small car … www.youtube.com  It was a Damien Heist.

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