Wonderland for families

Explore the music from Alice in Wonderland in a series of children’s workshops and then enjoy a live orchestral performance at the Royal Albert Hall while watching Tim Burton’s Alice film on screen.

Family Music Workshops are for families with children five and over, are free, and you can go to the Albert Hall if your children have attended two other workshops. Sounds good, they are on:

  • 3rd October and 28th November 3.00-4.30pm at the Dalgarno Centre
  • 6th December 11.30-3.00pm at the Royal College of Music
  • 12th December 2.30pm at the Royal Albert Hall with the music and the film.

Please contact the Dalgarno Centre’s organiser Marie Mulcahy for further information or to sign up contact [email protected] For more about Dalgarno click here … dalgarnotrust