Gloucester Old Spots on at the Gate

zwds4xs7aw3sujdtvy2eWith only a couple of performances to go (closes 29th March) pop into the Gate Theatre if you can and see this play – I Would Rather Goya Robbed Me Of My Sleep Than Some Other Arsehole. It is a one hander starring Dave the Coach from Gavin and Stacy who manages to perform the whole thing in a white cube with two pigs. I went to see this because it had the word arsehole in the title, I got a nice email from the artistic director and my friend Mickey was in town and he loves a rude word. We were very happy in the front row with a bottle of white watching this brilliant tirade which included the C word (my favourite). The protagonist a father (Dave the Coach) of two genius boys (played by the pigs) empties his bank account and proposes to take a trip of a lifetime to Madrid, to stay in a hotel, hire a cab, eat delicious food with a world famous German psychoanalyst, take lots of drugs and then smash a window at the Prado to see Goya’s Black Paintings. His children say they would rather visit Disneyland. If you go for no other reason do it for the two pigs who are brilliant. Five stars from me – couple of bits I wasn’t sure about but as a whole it was excellent and short.

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