Crukafe capsules in Notting Hill

New capsules for Nespresso machines are now available, the brainchild of a Notting Hill local, Bodil Blain. So far the choice is simple – which we all love – light roast for espresso, dark roast to have with milk and a decaffinated blend. An intense roast is on the back burner. Bodil’s main aim is to source the best coffee in terms of quality and ethics. Capsules are plastic and recyclable tho’ her dream is to make a biodegradable one. You can order on-line or the capsules will be in Harrods for the next three months and then hopefully stocked locally so you can easily pick them up when you run out. Bodil and team are currently customising a bike with a coffee machine on the back and it will be cycled around the Notting Hill area dispensing this smooth blend to anyone in need so look out. We have moved beyond any coffee will do. Now we want to know where it comes from, who is picking it and drink the best beans available. Bodil and CruKafe are at the front of this next step in coffee evolution. Oh and check out the website John Quilter one of the founders is a chef and has some great recipes like how to make an espresso chocky truffle. Yum. crukafe

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