Crafty comic fundraising – hahaha

Comic Relief has come up with a new and genius fundraising idea – a crafternoon. First you must buy the The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon magazine for £7.50, put together by Mollie Makes, with a whopping £5 of the sale price going straight to Comic Relief. You can buy this bible of craft ideas at Sainsbury or on-line at Apple Newsstand or Google Play. Next pick an idea – obviously the knit your own beard or crochet a guinea pig are hugely appealing but the mag is chocker with 50 crafty suggestions for your afternoon of making. I am going to host one of these shebangs. Imagine a table full of friends making things for charity with lemon and ginger tea, a cake or two and lots of laughter – heaven – vodka martinis on completion of fiddly task. Come on Notting Hill get crafty for large loose change – remember to buy the Crafternoon mag first.

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