Wonderful collection on the net

frame-stones-1-MARCH2-bCollectionet is a new website set up by two Notting Hill locals Louise and Mehreen. Every month the two sift through pieces from auction houses around the world and create a virtual room with the stuff they like the most, which you can buy of course. Each room  is centred around a couple of really collectable pieces alongside some more unusual bits. Prices for the objets range from £50 to £50,000. Louise founder of Melt Chocolate on Ledbury Road used to work in auction houses so understands how they work and documentary maker Mehreen’ s mother was an interior designer so she grew up surrounded by that world. On the site there are also tips on how to restore, clean and have furniture delivered. Oh and check out the  blog with tales from exhibitions and fairs as well as details about artists and designers. www.collectionet.co.uk/‎

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