Ciphers at the BUSH

Unknown-8Looking for an intriguing spy thriller to stir up the old grey matter and get you through this damp grey weather? Then head to the Bush Theatre for their latest production Ciphers by Dawn King. Grainne Keenan skilfully plays Justine, a young woman working for British intelligence and at the same time playing the part of her distraught sister Kerry who is searching for the true story behind her sister’s possible murder. Confused? You have to really concentrate hard with this one, as all four actors play two characters, a total of eight (2x table), each doubling up and possibly double-crossing one another. You have to keep on your toes as the scenes move quickly and are revealed by a clever set of sliding screens with actors appearing seemingly from nowhere (I found keeping an eye on which handbag was being carried by which character helped as actors switched between English, Russian and Japanese). Ciphers keeps you guessing until the very end, lots to discuss afterwards in the bar with a small Sauvignon blanc. On to 8th February and tickets are £19.50 with £12 for concs.

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Ciphers at the BUSH

Looking for an intriguing spy thriller to stir up the old grey...
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