Chimera at the Gate

Chimera at the Gate is based on the true story of a woman who discovered that she had absorbed her twin when she was in the womb (it happens) and so had two sets of DNA. She found out that her only son had her twin’s DNA and so genetically was her nephew rather than her son … have you followed that? Anyway what is amazing about this play is the performance by Suli Holman who is on stage for over an hour portraying three characters, a narrator, the woman and her son – in the pic – and my favourite, along side seeing her disappear head first down a waste disposal unit. But honestly I love a moan and I have to say the performance, last night at least, was faultless. So interested in the subject matter or not, it is really worth seeing. We were treated to a talk with Lord Robert Winston (call me Robert) after the show which was just extraordinary –  one word epigenetics. On to the 6th December. gatetheatre

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