Charity begins at home – Jus like tha

Red Nose day is celebrating 25 years of being funny for money this year on 15th March. Time to start thinking up something amusant you and your community can do for hard cash. If you are inspirationally challenged (no imagination) check out the Red Nose day website, which has a list of brilliant funny ideas and kits to help you get going; ha ha ha. Suggestions include; quizzes, bake-offs, dressing up or a dare. Or you could buy this year’s T-shirts which are designed by local love, Stella McCartney. A favourite is the one that features the Beetles in a photo taken by Linda McCartney – a total family affair and very cool. Also up our alley is Tommy Cooper with a fat red nose – “jus like tha”.  Available at TK Maxx on High Street Kensington. Gift them to everyone, both small and large, instead of the usual scented candle fandango – genius. and  AMANDA 


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