Changing face of Notting Hill Gate

Shopping and eating on Notting Hill Gate has transformed in the past twenty years. Mark’s and Spencer was once a strange Greek restaurant with a belly dancer and there was then only one coffee shop, lovely Patachou. Now you can almost surf down the Gate on the sea of available lattes. Some stalwarts remain, The Coronet, the Gate cinema and Pizza Express has had a good innings with the banks hanging on by a thread. The latest additions are an Indian restaurant called Chakra and an Italian deli, Valentina. Chakra is owned by the same people who had the much loved Varma in Chelsea. The food is delicious but this is not a curry in a hurry and it has taken over the spot where New Cultural Revolution sat for quite a few years . Valentina is a lovely deli with a restaurant at the back. Stock up on salami, Parma ham, Italian bread, pasta and the like or stay for dinner. The people who run Valentina are very friendly and have taken the spot that Ask Pizza used to inhabit The Gate has been a bit short of good places to eat, particularly  pre- or post-cinema, so all hale Chakra and Valentina.


  • We had a very nice experience last week at Chakra. The interior is decorated with cream colours, the service helped us with the dishes selection and the food was amazing. Everybody must try!!

  • We went to Chakra and we love it!!. The atmosphere was really nice and the food was excellent. It’s the best Indian restaurant in London. We will return!!

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