Cape crusader in Honeyjam

Gorgeous capes are on sale at HoneyjPoppiesColonel-2am on Blenheim Crescent. Loved by all children, they come in various guises, romantic, military or just playful and are designed to be worn everyday. I have one (not for me of course though it would look good with jeans) and my boys adore it. Made by Lisa Samos, who has been a Notting Hill gal for longer than she cares to remember, using wonderful fabrics from traditional woollen highland tweeds and plaids, brightly patterned Maasai wools, denim, leather panels and silk linings, with antique buttons, fine lace, ribbon and brooches – each cape is unique, functional and timeless. Seriously, grab one before they sell out, there are only 16 in store at £95 each and are of heirloom quality. honeyjam


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