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Here’s some new exhibition news brought to you from a bean bag in the Woodstock Room, part of the V&A’s exhibition covering the hippie era, 1966 – 1970. Am feeling very at home here, surrounded by lots of other ageing hippie types. Friendly lot, we soon start reminiscing.  The exhibition has some great clobber in it, including a lovely brocade jacket of John Lennon’s. Lots of those in Portobello Market of a Saturday, so you’ll feel right at home. Curator Victoria Broackes says the show is about an era of idealistic optimism, and she would like the show to move us to reflect on what kind of world we live in today. Her highlights include
untitled-4one of George Harrison’s suits and also the Whole Earth Catalog and an Apple 1 computer. Look out for the wonderful original notes left on a tree in Woodstock, they are so moving. One says: To Cindy (with the black hair and sister) I’m sorry I was too untogether to remember to ask for your address, please call (203) 333- 1558. Dan.

A lovely woman from Levi’s, Tracey Panel, tells us the show is about: “Authenticity and an era where self-expression was so important.” She also says Levi’s, the jeans of the hippie era and who sponsored part of the show, are on sale in the museum shop. Happy on the bean bag though, I decide the best bit of the show is the amazing sound and the wonderful film in the Woodstock Room by Michael Wadleigh, Three Days of Woodstock, featuring Joan Baez, The Who, Joe Cocker, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix and lots of pregnant women surrounded by skipping children. The quality sound, by Sennheiser, recreates an immersive experience in the room. Daniel Sennheiser, explaining all this, got a round of applause from the gathered press when he said: “We need another revolution. We need a push to more unity and more peace.”

You say you want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966 -1970 opens this Saturday, 10th September until 26th February next year. Tickets £16, click here … vam

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