DapperCap needs you

Notting Hill local Catherine Bedford and her business partner Graham Parker have designed and made the DapperCap bike helmet. It comes in lovely colours (bright blue and orange are my favourites) and looks very stylish on women and remarkably cool on men. It passes all the health and safety regs and now needs you to pledge the cost of a cap to enable it to get off the ground and onto our heads. This is a great local project and it is being promoted by Kickstarter. What you do is go online pledge an amount, anything over £100 and you will be rewarded with something helmet-like and if they can raise enough capital in 30 days (36,000) the DapperCap will be up and running or cycling onto the next stage. Note this is the best of British as it is made in Cornwall and designed in Notting Hill. dappercap

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