A vicious cycle for Portland Road residents

Portland Road residents are aghast at planners’ proposal to site a Boris Bike docking station at one of the narrowest parts of the road and on a blind corner. The concerned residents say safety is their number one concern, as there has already been accidents along this stretch which is far too narrow for two way traffic, alongside the blind corner which motorists take at a dangerous pace. Other concerns are the additional noise the rank will bring in what is a reasonably quiet street, the loss of parking in a road which is already over subscribed and the damage to the attractive Victorian streetscape. There has also been an increase in street crime recently and a bike station won’t help. What we (old Pav that is) wonder is why anyone would walk that far from the tube for a bike? Surely down the side of Holland Park station, where there are no houses, would be a much safer and appropriate place. To register an objection to this new bike dock before the 4th October go to www.rbkc.gov.uk/planning/searches/default.aspx .

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