Big Table in big trouble – can you help?

Big Table has been in its premises for 26 years making hand-made beds with a one week lead time – extraordinary. The building they trade from was built in 1901 as a cafe for railworkers. Now Crossrail, the £16 billion cross or under London rail scheme plans to take Big Table’s showroom and workshops. They will demolish the lot to make way for a ‘substantial’ electrical sub-station. Pop that on your Christmas list. A Compulsory Purchase Order was served on 24th June instructing Big Table to vacate by 24th September. Then, following the first site visit on 16th August with contractors BFK, Crossrail wrote to Big Table: “Crossrail Limited does not require possession of your property before 30th January 2012 at the earliest”. This means that Big Table can continue trading until the middle of January. Some wonderful locals are giving up their time and talent to try and persuade Crossrail that Westbourne Park needs Big Table more than it needs a ‘substantial’ electrical sub-station. Please support the campaign against Big Table’s forced closure by going to and signing the petition. One thing – you may say we do need these sub stations but apparently there are several other possible sites.
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  • So glad you are publicising this issue; please let us know what we can do to help. Have already written to Karen Buck but, aside from a brief acknowledgement, have not yet had a substantive reply. Big Table should be treasured as a model for other small businesses: a simple and transparent selection, ordering and delivery system, AND (most importantly) an excellent and durable product! (What could be more important than a good night’s sleep?)

    Kind regards


    • thanks for lovely comment – we must all sign the petition – and write to the council to stop them kicking this great business out.

  • OK; trying again:

    We are very pleased that you have highlighted this issue and hope that you can advise what we can all do to help? We have already written to Karen Buck but, despite a brief acknowledgement, have not yet seen a substantive reply. Big Table is an excellent model for any small business and we particularly appreciated its very efficient brochure, ordering and delivery services when we bought our wonderful bed back in 2006.

    Kindest regards to all


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