Bad vibrations from Central Line ruining life for residents

Residents in Notting Hill affected by tube noise and ground borne vibrations which started from August 2015 onwards will be meeting outside the Gate Cinema on 11th August at 5pm with Assembly Member and TfL representative Tony Devenish who will then walk the group to a venue (TBA).

If you would like to attend this meeting please send a note to Maura Ryan-Dommergue: [email protected] . It is important that as many people as possible come to the meet to keep the pressure up on TfL.

Tube noise in Notting Hill became absolutely unbearable in some places from last January 2016. TfL did grind a section of the tracks in March and the noise disappeared overnight. The silence lasted about four weeks and the noise disturbance is now back to where it was last January. Readings reach 46.5 decibels in some homes, and the noise occurs for 20-30 seconds, every three minutes from 5.30am through to half past midnight. A Nightmare. Roughly 90 homes have come forward and are affected in the area on: Ladbroke Road, Ladbroke Grove, Ladbroke Square, Kensington Park Road, Horbury Crescent, Wilby Mews, Ladbroke walk. It is thought that at least twice as many are actually suffering from the noise.

Finally after a year and a deluge of emails TfL is taking note. More worrying for residents is that the 24-hour tube launch is scheduled for 19th August this year. Across London there are seven hotspots of unacceptable noise levels. Some have been affected since October 2014. All seven have adopted the Tube NAG (Tube noise action group) banner, and regularly communicate with each other to lobby TfL as a group.

To receive information about the latest developments regarding the noise, email [email protected] . More info at tubenoiseactiongroup


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