New Spa on the block

tumblr_n05x1q406o1s72u5wo2_250Josh Wood’s discreet, almost hidden, Atelier on Lansdowne Mews (the black building) has opened a new spa upstairs. In an Alice and Wonderland style, there are four rooms to choose from. Number one hosts all the traditional waxing, tanning and threading activities. Room two boasts treatments by Gazelli famed for its white oil which is plumbed in a far off land. You can buy 5mls of the white oil for £35 (bargain). It is supposed to be ultra hydrating and rejuvenating. Alternatively try a white oil facial which starts at £65. Room three, think hair restoration with expert Ricardo, for those whose barnets have seen better days. Room four is the piece de resistance, a pure air bubble (pic). You have your treatment (facial etc) using Barcelona based Nautra Bisse products inside a white bubble containing the purest air. Inside this ‘tent’ you will have taken yourself up a virtual mountain for the hour which apparently boosts your immune system, improves healing and most important enables your skin to absorb more of all the lovely creams and oils. Also it feels very calm. Carol is the Nautra Bisse specialist and you couldn’t be in better hands, she knows her beauty stuff and she looks amazing (always a good sign). Light and airy and conveniently located above the hair salon, this ‘Ab Fab’ new spa, as with everything at Josh Wood, is not cheap but you are treated like a princess or prince for the whole time you are there.

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