A serious chat about America and the New World order

Professor of economics and an expert in sustainable development and the fight against poverty, Jeffrey Sachs is due to talk at an intelligence² event on America and a New World Order. Though Donald Trump has been in office for less than a month and there have already been worldwide protests at his travel ban on citizens entering the US from seven largely Muslim countries and other controversial pronouncements not every liberal thinker is in a state of despair. While no Trump supporter himself, Sachs will explain why there may be silver linings to the Trump cloud.

Sachs will argue that we are entering not a new tripolar world, dominated by the US, China and Russia, but what he calls ‘the World Century’, in which the rapid spread of technology and the sovereignty of nation states mean that no single country or region will dominate the world. The idea that one place or people should have primacy over any other should be as antiquated as slavery or empire, and guard us against the senseless descent into violence.

He will be interviewed by political editor Laura Kuenssberg, the  who hit the headlines and caused a social media storm a couple of weeks ago with her stern questioning of Trump during his joint press conference with Prime Minister Theresa May.

Royal Geographical Society, Tuesday 21st February, 7pm. intelligencesquared

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